Recipes to try this fall


Fall is the perfect season for cooking (and treating yourself ;)). If you are looking for a treat to bake on a cold afternoon, try one of these delicious recipes infused with spices and comfort: Autumn Spice Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting by Infused with spices and topped with cream cheese, how could this be more…

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Bikini ready !


We all want to feel and look good in our body, right ?! Especially during summer (hellllo shorts and bikinis!). Read below to learn what’s our best tips to feel amazing this summer ☀️👙 – Arm sculpting challenge Show some beautiful and toned arms by doing few simple exercices. Take the 21-day challenge by Popsugar here. – Morning…

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4th of July Drinkies


Hi Beauties, 4th of July is just around the corner so i’ve came up with these two delicious drinks to help you stay refreshed during the festivities of the long weekend ahead! Replacing juice or soda with tea in your cocktails is the perfect way to cut calories, plus it adds vitamins and flavors to…

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Beauty Tips From a Mermaid


Nothing feels better than spending hours at the beach or by the pool during summer to relax and reenergize ☀️ But if we don’t protect and pamper our skin sun can cause a lot of damage… Learn my best tips below to keep your skin looking healthy and beautiful all summer long ! Sunscreen Sunscreen is a MUST HAVE ! Before…

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The ice tea guide

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Hi beauties,  Have you ever wondered what is the best way to prepare a good ice tea or which teas are best to drink on ice ? Well, I created this “ice tea guide” for you so you can prepare delicious iced teas and stay hydrated all summer long ! Which teas can be prepare…

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A Sunday in the life of a Mermaid


☀️🍹🌊 Crisp pineapple, lot’s of sun & iced tea is definitely the best recipe for a perfect mermaid Sunday! Talking about recipe, I’ve try these pineapple-coconut muffins this week and thought it would be the perfect healthy and sweet treat for a sunday breakfast, don’t you? For those of you who are lucky enough to…

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Hi Beauties, We’re so excited to team up with the lovely Alyssa from to give 75$ worth of My Beauty Tea products of your choice to one lucky winner! Enter below for your chance to finally try our products or restock on your favorite beauty teas! Giveaway ends on May 22nd, open to US and Canada.…

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Beauty Inspired by the Sea


Beauty products inspired by the crisp ocean air, smell of coconut and feeling of sand between your toes… 🌊 – Atlantic Salt Scrub – Shore Soap Co. Scrub away dry skin with this salty scrub made with sea salt, olive fruit oil and shea butter. 22$ –  – Mermaid Blend Fruit Tea – My Beauty Tea…

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New for Spring


What’s new for spring at My Beauty Tea ? 🌸 🌸 🌸 New Look We’re SO excited to reveal our brand new packaging! We’re obsessed with the cute and feminine look of the new box, we hope you like it as much as we do! With this change, we were able to add more tea leaves for some…

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Tea Smoothies


Add some benefits to your smoothie with these luscious recipes made with our beauty teas! The perfect pick-me-up after a workout or as a refresher on a hot summer morning ☀️   Sweet as a peach 🍑 (made with white tea) Mix together: 1 cup frozen peaches + few frozen raspberries 1/2 cup cooled Lovely Peach white tea (made…

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Calling all moms!


Calling all moms! We need your opinion on a new product we’re planning to launch for your little ones. Help us by answering our short survey here. Thank you for your time! Image courtesy of Instagram customer

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Fresh and Juicy


Healthy, juicy and delicious tropical treat you can easily make at home to refresh yourself. This ice tea recipe is made using our delicious Sweet Mango Green tea and fresh mango. Full of antioxidants and flavors! 💦 Recipe adapted from Nourished Simply Ingredients 2 cups water 4 teaspoons of Sweet Mango Green tea  1 mango…

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Something’s Brewing


* Contest is now over, congrats to  Stay tuned for more contest coming soon! * Hi Beauties, We need your help! With summer coming soon, we’re excited to introduce our new summer concoction… But, we need your help to name our new tea. We can’t tell you exactly what is it, but we can tell our…

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For a smooth and healthy skin…


Some beauty essentials to achieve a healthy and glowing skin from head to toe… 💁🏼 Frank Body – Original Coffee Scrub For a smooth and beautiful skin, use this coffee scrub made with a special blend of natural ingredients. It will scrub away dry, flaky skin and target pesky skin conditions like cellulite, stretch marks, eczema,…

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Cold brew ice tea


Hi Beauties, We all love ice tea to stay hydrated or as a refresher on a hot summer day, but store-bought ice teas are high in calories and full of sugar… Homemade ice tea is always fresh and healthy, plus it keeps all the benefits of the tea! There are two different ways to prepare…

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Tea Cocktails


We’re excited to share these delicious and fun cocktail recipes that you can easily make using our teas. Using fresh tea in cocktails instead of juice or only soda is a great way to cut sugar and calories, plus it adds a very unique taste to your drink 🍹 1. Izmir iced tea adapted from Ingredients Crushed…

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Green tea facial


Whenever your skin need a pick-me-up, this easy and refreshing homemade green tea face mask will make your skin feel refreshed and fully hydrated! The antioxidants in green tea are amazing for your skin and using freshly brewed tea is the most effective way to get the full benefits! Honey is also an anti-inflammatory and a natural humectant,…

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Valentine’s Day


Valentine’s day is the perfect occasion to spend time with the ones you love. Keep reading to learn what’s our favorite v-day recipes and gift ideas! ❤️ Treats ideas to make on Valentine’s Day  Indulge with these delicious recipe ideas… – 1. Pink M&M cookies Recipe from number 2 – 2. Heart shaped mini strawberry pie…

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Healthy Habits


Hi Beauties, Everyone can agree that January is the best time of the year to start new habits. Below we’re sharing our best tips to stay healthy and energized all winter (and year) long! 1. Start your day right Start your day the right way by eating a healthy breakfast. You should eat your first meal…

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