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Caffeine free

Blended with hibiscus flowers, rosehips, apple cubes, orange peels, pineapple pieces, coconut shreds, flower blossoms and natural flavor.

Contains: Coconut

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Mermaid Blend

Fruit Tea

80 g | makes 30-35 cups

Calling all mermaids, this blend is designed for you ! Delicious hot or iced, this irresistible blend will keep you healthy with its enchanted ingredients ; hibiscus flowers, rosehips, apples, pineapples, coconut shreds and more…

The Beauty Benefits:

〰 Drinking a warm cup of this naturally caffeine free blend before going to bed will keep you hydrated from the inside out so you can wake up to an hydrated and radiant skin.

〰 Contains apple cubes, orange peels and pineapple pieces, all great sources of vitamin A and C to achieve a brighter and healthier skin.

*As seen in US Weekly & People en Espanol*

For the perfect cup

  • spoons

    1 1/2 teaspoon

  • temperature

    100 C

  • time

    3-5 minutes

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