Why you need to stop drinking “detox teas”

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Hi Beauties,

I wanted to make this blog post about “detox teas” because as a tea business owner, it is an important topic for me. There are many women out there drinking “detox” teas or “teatox” and unfortunately they have no idea how bad these products really are for their bodies…

These “tea” businesses claim their teas are going to make you lose weight or make you feel more energized etc. When really all their stuff is doing is dehydrates your body.

– Most detox companies use senna leaf in their teas. Here is a quick overview of what senna is :

“Senna is an FDA-approved nonprescription laxative. It is used to treat constipation and also to clear the bowel before diagnostic tests such as colonoscopy. Senna is also used for irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), hemorrhoids, and weight loss.

The American Herbal Products Association (AHPA) warn against long-term use of senna leaf. The AHPA recommends that senna leaf products be labeled, “Do not use this product if you have abdominal pain or diarrhea. Consult a healthcare provider prior to use if you are pregnant or nursing. Discontinue use in the event of diarrhea or watery stools. Do not exceed recommended dose. Not for long-term use.”

How it works : Senna contains many chemicals called sennosides. Sennosides irritate the lining of the bowel, which causes a laxative effect.” via webmd.com

In fact, senna is a laxative. Can you image using laxative everyday… How do you think it would affect your body ? You would become completely dehydrated and it would make you sick. Well, that is exactly what senna is doing to your body. They basically use this ingredient in their teas to give you the impression that you have a flatter stomach after few days.

senna tea stomach

– Here is what “The Australian Medical Association” is saying about using laxative products like this when they are not needed : It causes electrolyte and fluid loss, as well as the loss of other nutrients needed by the heart and brain to function. They also say “they would absolutely not recommend buying online programs like this in an effort to control weight.” (Brian Morton, a spokesman for the association).

– Also, feel free to read this article about an Australian “detox” company who had their social media sites shut down after a young women was admitted to hospital at age 17 after using their products (smh.com.au).

– Dr. Yoni Freedhoff (Canadian doctor, assistant prof. at the University of Ottawa and author of The Diet Fix) recently talked on The Social, a Canadian tv show, about stomach problems and here what he had to say about detox teas :

How much damage do detox teas do to your stomach ? : “Detox is a make-believe term, as is the notion that our bodies aren’t able to detoxify naturally via liver, kidneys and skin. It’s important to note that there’s virtually no regulation in the supplement industry and consequently, you never really know what you’re getting.”

Check out the entire video here : http://www.thesocial.ca/wellness/health/your-digestive-questions-answered

With that being said, I worry about this not so healthy trend. Tea is such a wonderful industry in which I adore working and I would not want people to think tea is all about weight loss or “detoxification”. You are all beautiful women out there and you don’t need to use extreme products that will damage your body !

Feel free to comment if you have any questions or anything to say and enjoy my coupon below if you would like to try our teas!

XoXo, Stephanie – Founder My Beauty Tea (mybeautytea.com)



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  1. Thank you for this post! I had actually ordered one of these “teatox” products and before receiving it was debating if it was a good idea. What you wrote makes a lot of sense and it doesn’t feel like it’s a safe method. I thank you because you have convinced me to return the product immediately, which I believe is the healthy choice.

    Do you think senna is safe once in a while truly just to treat constipation? Are there other safe ways to cure bloat?

    1. Hi Lauren, thanks so much for your comment, it’s great to hear you made the healthy choice for your body! :) I think senna is safe to treat constipation yes, if it’s not a daily problem. I think it is like any other types of medication or drug, they are not made to be taken daily, they should help to cure a disease or make you feel better if you are not feeling good a certain day. I personally do not agree with all those medications people are taking like candy practically. Some people are literally taking drugs every night to sleep. Your body is supposed to work by itself, why would you take that ? If you are not able to sleep at night change something in your life instead of hiding it with medications, ahh. On the long term these stuff are sooooo bad for you, sorry i’m getting there! But if you often feel bloated and looking for a safe way to feel better, you need to make small changes in your everyday life! First thing is to always stay hydrated (with water), keep a reusable water bottle with you everywhere it makes it easier. Also moving is important to stimulate your body, simply taking a walk everyday will help, having good nights of sleep, a warm cup of tea or herbal tea also help a lot if you feel bloated after eating (mint, chamomile, boldo leaves are great ingredients to look for). I hope this help :) XOXO.

    2. Hi
      Great article/post. I am curious what you think of rhubarb tea? I take med that constipates me and I am trying to stay regular as natural as possible.
      Thanks, Jeanie

      1. Hi Jeanie, i’ve never heard negative side effects on rhubarb tea. I have actually never seen or tried any rhubarb tea but I found some informations on rhubarb and it looks like it has great benefits for digestive problems (http://www.webmd.com/vitamins-supplements/ingredientmono-214-rhubarb.aspx?activeingredientid=214&activeingredientname=rhubarb). You could definitely try it out and see how it goes, it sounds more gentle than senna! I would also try chamomile and/or mint tea to help with digestive problems :) Xo,

    3. Well I find it funny that u said all this “unhealthy” talk about teas and then at the end of the post you offered people to try your tea.. I mean ….really?

      1. Hi Monique, I don’t talk about tea in general I talk about detox companies who use senna and other unusual ingredients in their tea + they promise you are going to loose weight or whatever! If you take a look at my website and products you will see that we’re not a detox company at all 😉

  2. I’m drinking a detox tea as I’m reading this…this is very informative. I checked to see if the tea I’m drinking has senna as one of the ingredients and it does not…so is it still safe to drink?

    1. Hi Millie, thank you for your comment :) A detox tea without senna is less damaging for your body yes! But some herbs, when mixed together can have effects on your body so you need to make sure your stomach feels good after drinking it and that the tea do not make you go (do you know what;)) to the toilet several times also so you don’t get dehydrated. XOXO

      1. my daughter had been taking a detox tea. she came to me today saying she is experiencing cramps and has been spotting. i have researched her tea and someone said it lessens the affect of birth control. now we have thrown out. what ingredient other than senna would cause her issues. also is green tea or other just basic teas going to change the affect on birth control

      2. Hi Heather, i’m not a doctor, but i’ve already heard that detox teas could lessens the effect of birth control! That is crazy! The senna is the reason why some detox teas lessens the effect. When she drinks it, the senna has a laxative effect so the body gets rid of liquids, vitamins etc.
        Green tea or any other types of tea doesn’t have effect on the birth control simply because tea has absolutely no laxative effect. Plain tea (with no other herbs) is very healthy and has no side effects. You can check this page about tea and their benefit if you want to learn more: http://www.m.webmd.com/a-to-z-guides/black-tea-uses-and-risks

  3. Great article! I use Ecoteatox tea and I love it. It make me sleep a full night and I am never bloated anymore. I drink lots of water during the day and plenty of veggies so I never feel dehydrated. I lost 10 pounds so far and I feel amazing. The key is to stay hydrated and to eat healthy with fruits and veggies.

  4. Hi, I had bamboo leaf tea and after one glass of it I’m was in the bathroom all night due to major abdominal pain and diarrhea. It’s the worst experience. I would not recommend this bamboos leaf tea to anyone.

    1. I agree!! Yesterday I bought a bamboo leaf tea that was called “General original formula True-Slim tea” and had MAJOR abdominal cramps at 1 AM!! It was ridiculous, next time I buy tea I’m 100% going to read the label.

  5. I just googled “does detox tea give you diarhea.” My tea is a yogy tea I got in Europe. None of the bad ingredients listed, but even more gentler herbs, like burdock root, which is said to stimulate digestion, is having the same effect by early am if you have that relaxing tea at bed time. Great. The rest of the ingredients are known beneficial herbs, even anti inflammatory turmeric and cinnamon. Think I will still save this tea for only occasional use, maybe after a very heavy meal, I rarly eat. I do not have a weight problem, more like the opposite, being too skinny, and had no idea these teas were also marketed for weight loss. Yeah, I suppose constant extreme diarhea will make you loose weight, but not in a healthy or comfortable way. Scary stuff.

    1. Don’t believe everything you read on the internet. This article is trying to make all herbal teas look bad because of one “possible” ingredient, which most don’t even have, and isn’t a bad ingredient if used properly. Dandelion and other teas are great because they help support the liver and kidneys, which are detoxing organs. The best thing to do is not believe every article you read, but rather do the research on the benefits and possible side effects of each ingredient.

      1. Hi Trish! Of course a lot of detox teas don’t contains senna and if you read my comments you will see that I find a lot of teas completely safe. It’s just very sad to me seeing all those companies selling teas at 35$ for 15 teabags and stating you are going to loose weight, have more energy etc. i’m just trying to educate people a little bit more because the mission of my company is to make women feel great about themselves :)

      2. Trish, perhaps you were skim reading? The article is most definitely not about all herbal teas, it’s about a specific group of tea being marketed as detox tea or skinny tea which contain senna leaves. No one who actually reads and comprehends the article would think it applies to all herbal teas.

  6. so i recently bought Cali Girls Dieters Drink and drank it last night. woke up with severe cramps and was on the toilet for a good 20 minutes. I was talking to a few friends and all keep telling me to stick with it, but little do they know about the ingredients. i didnt bother looking into it until i was on the toilet! just wanted to say thanks for this because if not i would drink another tea bag tonight!

    1. Hi Viviana, SO happy it helped! Thank you for taking the time to read and i’m happy you also checked the ingredients. XoXo

  7. Well I wouldn’t want to drink senna every day either. Too bitter and makes you poop! I did a detox program once called the Bio Cleanse Organic Detox Kit, but I wouldn’t do it continuously!

    1. Hi Linda,
      I just checked their website and looked for the ingredients of this tea. They don’t even provide the full list of ingredients and this tea contains senna. I would personally not recommend using senna and the fact that they don’t provide the full list of ingredients (it only says: 100% natural tea leaf blend (tea herbs), 100% natural simple tea leaf) worries me. The laws are very clear and a complete list of ingredients when selling a food product is mandatory. Also, the fact that they promise a LOT of benefits from drinking the tea in my opinion is not good. Xo,

  8. I’m using life change tea from get the tea.com I don’t see senna listed
    I am trying to use it to cleanse my liver etc. I was hoping to lower my blood pressure and cholesterol, sugar levels.please comment.I don’t want to make things worse.

    1. Hi Colleen, please note that tea is not a medication and has not been proven to lower blood pressure or cholesterol. A healthy lifestyle is the key and yes tea is healthy and drinking it daily may have positive effects on your health, but know that tea itself is not the solution!
      I just checked their website and i’m not a fan of those “miracle” products so be careful! None of the statements on this website have been approved by FDA. You can always bring the product to your doctor and ask his opinion, he is the best person to talk to. I hope this help beauty! Xo,

  9. Hi I just read this and now I feel very informed! Thank you! I was thinking about buying Fittea and I was wondering if it would be good for me to take. They have there ingredients on their wensite I was just wondering if they were bad?

    1. Hi Samantha, thank you for your comment :) I just checked their website and their tea doesn’t contain senna. There are few ingredients in the tea which I am not familiar with like guarana, Garcinia Cambogia, Sea Salt (salt in tea, really?) It looks pretty “safe” but at this point I feel they shouldn’t call it tea since it is pretty much a mix of herbs that aren’t usually found in tea. Also, be careful with their fat burner and stuff, I personally disagree with fat burners since they accelerate your heart rate and I believe exercice is the best way to burn fat. I hope this help! XoXo.

      1. Garcinia cambodia is mangosteen, a tropical fruit, and it has a LOT of amazing benefits. It reduces inflammation, which helps people with gout, arthritis, etc. Guarana is a tropical fruit commonly known as soursap, and both these fruits are delicious and have a reputation in tropical climates for being excellent for your health. They are usually not eaten or drunk in excess though, as they are high in fiber. But very good for you in moderation! :)

  10. I was drinking a detox tea that had senna in it – not realizing that it should not exceed one week – I probably drank it each night for 2-3 weeks – it is now a month since i stopped drinking the tea and bowel movements have not returned to normal (diarrhea,bleeding,etc) is there anything i can take to counteract the effect of the senna? or just wait it out?

    1. Hi Katherine, I would just wait for your system to readapt. Make sure you drink a lot of water and eat well. If there’s bleeding I would probably ask my doctor to make sure everything is fine but I am not aware of anything to counteract the effect of senna. I’m sorry to hear that you are feeling that way, hope everything will get better soon! Xo,

    1. Hi Raina, even if you drink plenty of water and eat well, I personally wouldn’t recommend drinking senna everyday since it is a laxative! “Don’t use senna for more than two weeks. Longer use can cause the bowels to stop functioning normally and might cause dependence on laxatives.” – WebMD.com

  11. Thank you so much for this article. I had purchased Yogi Soft Mint Tea and the ingredient in it is senna leaf. I had a cup of it (along with a bunch of other different non laxative teas) for 3 days in a row, but will stop now and keep it for a once in a while thing instead. Thanks for the info!

  12. I really appreciate this article. I’d just bought some Bootea after they had a sale on, told my boyfriend about it who said I really shouldn’t use it. This article has clarified for me that I really shouldn’t take it and so I am now in the process of trying to return it! Thank you x

  13. Senna has been used where I’m from (South America) for generations.. with no health implications to anyone I know. However, it is taught that you have to drink a lot of water when you use it, and it should also never be used for more than 14 days (according to the scientific community, but I would say 7, though I’ve never used it for more than 3) as it damages your liver and your body’s natural ability to detox itself.

    No one should buy a product without knowing what it is or what it does. Senna is safe if used correctly. It can cause serious harm if it isn’t.

  14. I like reading information on things, I think knowledge is a great thing. I am taking the Premium tea, I bag a week. I feel great. My issue with this post is about the FDA, yes they can approve and study different mess and things out there BUT how many meds are pulled off the shelf years after they have been approved by the FDA, a lot. There are so many law suits out there now from meds that the FDA approved. Medicines are a great helping tool for some things but they are all synthetic chemicals ( not natural) I always prefer a natural remedy over a FDA approved chemical. But like I said, they have there place but don’t always fall for the FDA scare.

    1. Hi Sharon, I totally agree with you on about the FDA. I just think that these “detox” companies are selling a promise and they don’t warn their customers about the side effects of their products. People are drinking their teas thinking they are going to loose weight when loosing weight and being healthy is so much more than that! Thanks for sharing your opinion, Xo.

  15. HI , I just read your article and it is very helpful. because I was drinking “Total detox tea” that I ordered in Amazons, I am constantly have constipation so that tea helped me a lot but recently I have been a big headache everyday. I don’t know if it is for the tea. I never have this headaches problems. can you help me is this tea can be the problem?

    1. Hi Elena, it may be the problem! If the tea contains senna and you’ve been using it for a while, it may dehydrates you and being dehydrated may cause headaches. It can also be an ingredient in the tea that cause the headaches. I’m not an expert but I would definitely try to stop drinking the tea for a while and see if the pain goes away :) Xo,

    1. Hi Chrissy! A customer previously asked my opinion on this brand and after looking at their website, I found that their tea doesn’t contain senna. There are few ingredients in the tea which I am not familiar with like guarana, Garcinia Cambogia, Sea Salt (salt in tea, really?) It looks pretty safe but at this point I feel they shouldn’t call it tea since it is pretty much a mix of herbs and other ingredients that aren’t usually found in tea. Also, be careful with their fat burner and stuff, I personally disagree with fat burners since they accelerate your heart rate and I believe exercice is the best way to burn fat. I hope this help! XoXo.

    1. Hi Deborah, I checked their website and the tea doesn’t contain senna. I personally disagree with these business who are trying to sell results and at that price (60$ USD for 28 tea bags is absolutely crazy). They claim the tea is going to increase your energy and burns fat… Tea is not going to increase your energy and burns fat, daily exercice + healthy food + good sleeping hours will. Tea is amazing for your health, but when combined with all of the above then you will see results! And mentioned in my article: “Detox is a make-believe term, as is the notion that our bodies aren’t able to detoxify naturally via liver, kidneys and skin” I hope this help :) Xo

  16. I have really bad constipation like everyday. No matter how much water i drink it just doesnt do anything. I went to the doctor and he gave me some pills. I finish it all and it does help but now im at the same track as before. Im looking for a natural remedy to help my constipation and senna tea is the first thing that pop out. I was wondering how many time can i drink this? Surely i wont drink this everyday but does 4 times a week seems bad ?

    1. I Min, I don’t think it’s how many times a week you drink it, it’s more for how long. I found that using senna for more than two weeks can cause the bowels to stop functioning normally and might cause dependence on laxatives via WebMD.com
      Have you ever tried mint tea ? I does help with digestion. You could ask your doctor or a nutritionist which food to eat on a daily basis to help with constipation or you could also look for an herbalist, they are expert with mixing herbs and finding natural remedies for problems like yours! I hope this helps, Xo.

    2. Old remedy, but it works for constipation: a 2oz glass of warm prune juice, followed by a glass of warm water. Works every time. People are doing so much damage to their bodies by trying all these ‘fads’, including teas! If you’re trying to have more energy, walk 30 min a day, stop eating so much sugar( causes inflammation), drink your 8 glasses of water, and get your cute butt in bed at night! Your body was designed to detox itself…quit messing with it!❤

    1. Hi! I can’t find the complete list of ingredients on their website (which is weird) but if the tea only contains green tea, white tea, oolong and puerh, it’s very safe! I don’t like how they sell the tea as a weight loss thing “Lose up to 5 pounds a week!” this is ridiculous… tea is tea, yes it has many benefits and will help you loose weight because it helps to burn fats and accelerate your metabolism but promising things like that to your customers is not good in my opinion!
      Puerh is great for your metabolism, green and white tea also! If you can find some (not necessarily from this company) and incorporate them into your day it would be a very healthy choice and good for your body :)

    1. Hi Louie, the ingredients are safe yes! Their claims are exaggerated though (suppresses appetite, eliminate harmful toxins from your body, speed up your metabolism so you can burn calories faster while keeping hunger at bay etc.) because as I always say tea is tea… Xo

    1. Hi Courtney, there are lot’s of ingredients in this tea so I would absolutely recommend bringing the ingredient list (found on the box or on their website) to your doctor and make sure it’s safe for you. Every women has different needs, i’ve heard some avoid hibiscus, caffeine… etc.

  17. Thank you for writing this piece. I was close to pulling the trigger on these “fad” teas that’s constantly being posted on Instagram. I can’t believe many people (usually Millennials) are willing to spend $70-90 for a pack/case of these “teas that will truly clean your innards and help you lose weight”. I’ll stick to the green, white, rosehip, pu-erh, and rooibos teas that cost less than $6/box at the local (Asian) grocery store I go to.

    I’m going to show article to others so that they get intellectually “informed” about the myriad of diet fads on Instagram.

    1. Hi Olegna,

      Thank you very much for your great words! I’m happy it helped you and people around you understand better :) Xo.

  18. Thanks for the article, it was a great read! I’m currently doing a 28 day teatox from skinnymint.com which includes 28 morning boost tea bags and 14 night cleanse tea bags. The morning boost tea you drink every morning and does not contain any senna but it is made from all natural ingredients. The night cleanse tea however does have senna leaf in it but you only drink that every second night and the laxative effect it brings is very gentle. Do you think this is still safe?

    1. Hi Christina! If you react well to the night tea and feel great it’s ok but make sure that you don’t use senna for more than 2 weeks because it can cause the bowels to stop functioning normally and might cause dependence on laxatives (via WebMD.com)

  19. I have been using the Dr Max Powers 15 Day Cleanse product for about six months (I do it every other month), and I love that it doesn’t cause cramping, and I have lost weight and feel so much better after it. This really helps to keep my system regulated. My husband uses them occasionally for cleansing.

    1. Hi, I can’t find the website! Look at the ingredients of the tea, if senna is not listed, it’s probably safe :)

  20. I drank detox tea for about six days. About three days in I began getting diarrhea. So I stopped the tea a few days later. Now I have stopped for about four days but still have cramps and diarrhea! How long does the tea normally stay in your system?

    1. Hi Janice, I don’t think the tea is still in your system, I think the product has upset your digestive system it may take few days before getting back to normal. If this continue I would definitely go to the pharmacist, maybe he could recommend something. Xo

  21. I am drinking a detox tea without senna. We live in Croatia (Europe) it’s made by Ahmad Tea in London
    The ingredients are: Fennel, peppermint, birch leaves, Rosemary, dandelion root and herb, nettle leaves, ginger root and sweet blackberry leaves… Do you think this is an ok tea to drink?

    1. Hi Bonnie, thank you for your comment! The birch leaves is probably the replacement for senna to “detox” your body in this tea: “Birch is used as a diuretic to increase urine output. Some people take birch along with lots of fluids for “irrigation therapy” to flush out the urinary tract. Birch leaves contain chemicals which increase water loss through the urine.” I have personally never heard anything bad about this herb! If you feel good and don’t have cramps etc. it should be alright. I just don’t know for how long you can use the tea to make sure it doesn’t affect your digestive system. I know some herbs (like senna) are not recommended to use for more than 2 weeks. I hope this help! Xo

      1. Thank you. I was wondering what the diuretic was because I could tell I was going more than normal and very thirsty. I’ve taken it for a week so I think I’ll take a break… I have some age spots and I was hoping a liver cleanse from time to time would help them to fade. 😉

  22. Any recommendations for detox tea which you know I’d safe? Because I really want to lose some pounds n a friend of mine recommends taking this detox tea.

    1. Hi Thana, I would recommend changing your lifestyle at first. Make sure you drink lot’s of water all day long, move daily (just walking will help!), never skip meals, eat more often but smaller portions. Tea or detox teas will help but make sure you use one that doesn’t have senna in it, it’s not good for your body. I don’t know the brands out there but white and green teas are great for your metabolism. Herbal teas with mint after you eat is good also. You can check out our teas: mybeautytea.com or make sure you use a tea that doesn’t contain laxative (like senna!!) Xo.

      1. Hello, thank you for the informative article :) i just want to ask that as long as the detox tea doesn’t contain senna, is it alright to take it?

    1. Hi Kat, I can’t find the ingredient list on their website (which is weird). I personally would not trust a company that claim that much stuff without saying what are the ingredients found in their products and the quantity you get when you buy is not clear also..!

  23. Good information but I have a problem taking anyone who keeps misspelling the word “lose”. Loose means something totally different.

    1. Hi, sorry Kiki i’m French so my english isn’t perfect… It doesn’t mean I have no knowledge because I misspelled lose.

      1. So I just fixed the only “loose” in my article.
        After reading your comment I thought there was many errors!!: “who keeps misspelling the word “lose”, but I realized there was only one… XOXO.

      2. I, too, noticed several times you used ‘loose’, instead of ‘lose’, but I figured you were French! 😁

  24. Hello!
    I love your post! I actually love your whole site actually.
    I was actually debating on whether or not to try out a detox tea, but now that I have read this I probably won’t. I love tea, and when I drink less processed tea I can feel my body getting nourished and I feel great!
    Thank you for the information. You now have a new subscriber!

    1. Hi Catherine, thank you so much for your great words :) I’m happy this article helped you out, XoXo.

  25. Hi Jeanie,
    Thanks for all the information! I like to drink Detox tea by Triple Leaf Tea (the one for skin benefits) as I like the taste. It does not have Senna in it, but it does have a whole menagerie of herbs. I don’t know what many of them are, nor do I know how my body would react to them by consuming them individually. Is a tea like this quesionable because of how many possible combinations of herbs there are? It’s never made me feel bad, but I don’t mind sticking to good old green tea if it is safer. Thanks again!

    1. Hi lovely, I just checked their site and looked at the ingredients. These are teas inspired by Chinese medicine and I honestly don’t know those herbs so I won’t be able to let you know if they are good or bad for you! If you still feel great there should not be any problem. Like any medicine maybe I would not use this tea all the time and something drink regular green tea like you say. But i’m not an expert at all with these! Xo

    1. Hi! of course not :) they aren’t made to “lose weight” or “detox”, our teas are made only with tea leaves, fruits and flowers and contains no senna! Drinking our teas daily will keep you hydrated and being hydrated may help with bloating. We provide the beauty benefits of our teas on each product page, Xo.

  26. Stephanie thank you for all of your comments. You have helped me and most others.
    As to very few that were insulting, just know that the rest of us appreciate your help.

    1. Hi Kathy, thank you so much for your great words :) They are very much appreciated. I’m happy the article helped you and much other, Xo.

  27. Hey so I’m looking for a tea that will keep me regularly pooping, since I have very bad constipation, but won’t cause diarrhea

  28. Is T2 China Jasmine a good tea? I have a chronic condition and need my immune system to remain low. Thank you.

    1. Hi Shirley! This tea is simply a blend of green tea and jasmine flower, one of the most classic tea blend in China :) I don’t know about your condition or what you should or should not consume, but this tea is no different than regular green tea. Xo

  29. Thanks so much for this post. I had just made a cup of “Herbal Slimming Tea,” read the ingredients while it was steeping and decided to look up senna leaves. Your post has provided valuable information and caution.

  30. Usually what the detox tea does is it cleans out your system, which would explain senna being an active ingredient. Detox teas clean everything out, so something that’s a laxative would be understandable as it is helping you remove more. Whenever I feel a sickness coming on, I have a detox tea and it knocks it out of my system. I will usually only have a cup once, maybe twice a week as having too much dandelion root (Ingredient in my brand of tea) can have serious side effects. I don’t use detox teas for weight loss as I am quite skinny and fit, but I do use it to help my health and it’s done a wonderful job of that. I was getting chronic and reoccurring yeast infections, along side digestive and infection problems. The tea, along side some probiotics, have done wonders for my body. You shouldn’t have detox tea while on a juice fast, as it has a higher chance of making you feel gross. It needs to be taken with a lot of water (at very least 1/2 your body weight in fluid ounces a day) and a lot of fiber for the best, and safest results. Just because it’s herbal, does not mean it can’t harm you like any other “drugs” you take and you can still overdose. Just like any other “drug” you should check to see if it interferes with any other medicines you could/do take before you just start drinking it. It’s known to cause birth control to be less effective. It’s more of an herbal medicine than just a tea. Just like chamomile tea can work as an anti-inflammatory and mild sedative, ginger tea can help digestive distress/problems (nausea, acid reflux, stomach ache, heartburn, etc.), and green tea has antioxidants in it and is really good for you. :)

  31. Hi I’m Alberta I’ve been using this detox tea often like everyday..cause I do have a weight problem to me..but I am going to listen and stop taking as of right now…and I will monitor my body to see if there’s a change in the way I feel..thanks for the advice

  32. Yes, if you use Senna Leaves too much, they will make your constipation worse. they are meant to be used in the short term. For me, I use the Dr Max Powers 15 Days Cleanse. I DO NOT TAKE IT FOR 15 DAYS!!! I only take two pills the day i have constipation, and maybe the next day. NO MORE. And then I dont take it for a month, as you dont want you body getting used to it. A bottle lasts me about a year, and for the last year I have barely had any problems.

  33. I’ve been using laxative teas for 4 years continuously and now that I want to stop, my system can’t work on its own! What should I do? :(

    1. That is exactly what laxative does! Your system can’t work on its own after you stop it. I would definitely go see a doctor or health specialist. xoxo

  34. Hello. I was just hoping to get your thoughts on something. I eat a very clean diet and drink over a gallon of water a day. I am trying to lose weight & this diet (as well as an exercise program) are part of that. I eat lean proteins, complex carbs, and leafy greens. This diet change has caused constipation and while I do go on my own, I like to drink a cup of senna leaf tea once a week. Although my general goal is to lose weight, I’m not drinking the tea for this purpose. I’m drinking it solely to relieve the constipation and to help clean my system out for relief. I was just wondering if, in your opinion, once a week senna use would be considered detrimental?

    1. Hi Catherine! I think your routine and diet looks very healthy so in your case drinking senna once a week is ok. Just be careful maybe try to skip a week sometimes so your body doesn’t rely on senna on the long term! xoxo

  35. Hello and thank you for this article.I’m contemplating Beautiful Skin Tea by Crystal Star (loose leaf tea) said to improve complexion and help liver functions.
    What do you think based on the composition?
    Also is it normal that tea consumption deplete iron levels?

    1. I’m unable to find the tea online :( Drinking A LOT of tea can decrease your iron absorption yes (green and black tea) but if you consume tea after your meal or in the afternoon (not during) it will help!

      1. Hi Sonia, I don’t see anything bad in the ingredients list! I don’t believe drinking tea can heal any skin problem or help with any specific skin concern, but many herbs have positive effects on our body and skin :) xoxo

  36. I googled senna tea and this is the first thing to come up. I actually like to drink senna tea BUT Only if I have nothing to do the next morning. Yea. So I may take it once every 2-3 weeks. No cramps for me. It’s called Smooth move the by Traditional Medicinals. I dunno, I kinda like that “cleaning out” feeling every now and then.

  37. Hello there.
    Thank you for this article, and for answering questions here.
    May I ask your opinion on this tea?
    Pure Human 21 days detox tea


    Here are the ingredients

    Organic Licorice Root, Organic Peppermint Leaf, Organic Marshmallow Root, Organic Whole Chamomile Flower, Organic Fennel Seeds, Organic Milk Thistle Seeds, Organic Dandelion Root, Organic Holy Basil (Rama), Organic Ginger Root & LOVE.

    My goal is to incorporate beneficial herbal tea for healthier organ function and just for enjoyment of drinking more tea.
    I love finding tea that is safe to drink daily for a long time.

    The reason I was drawn to this one is it has some ingredients that I like: dandelion and holy basil, especially.

    I also love the natural sweetness of this tea. Any idea what mogjt be giving this tea natural sweet flavor?
    If I can find that out, I’d love to make my own mix. I already have holy basil, mint, and dandelion.
    The reason I am considering to keep ordering this tea is because I do not know the ingredient that is giving this tea natural sweet flavor (if I can find that out, I’d love to buy that ingredient) and another reason is because I think it is cheaper to buy this mix than for me to purchase the ingredients needed to make this mix…

    Thank you in advance. :)

    1. Hi ! If you like this tea just like that go ahead and keep ordering it. 23$ is not cheap for a tea! Just be careful with the description they make: “accelerate fat burning” and stuff. I personally don’t agree with the word DETOX in any way but sometimes it’s all about the marketing, it can still be a great product. xoxo

    1. Be careful with: “Kylie and Kendal Jenner are drinking that so it must work”. They get paid around 50K to post a photo of them “using” the product on social media. I get emails every week from celebrity manager asking if we are interested in getting promotion for this and that celebrity when they never tasted our products.

  38. hi, i recently started the FIT TEA 28 day detox and have been drinking it for about a week and half. The ingredients listed on the website do not list senna leaf as an ingredient, but i believe that it is causing my menstrual cycle to be delayed, and other undesirable side affects such as restlessness and loss of appetite. Is it safe or common for “detox” teas to have this affect on the body?

    1. Hi Stephany,
      Thank you for your comment ! I think it is pretty common. Detox companies sometimes use/mix herbs that aren’t usually found in teas. It can be a certain herb or mix of herb that doesn’t fit your metabolism. I would recommend drinking green, white, mint or chamomile tea they will gently hydrate and help with digestion :)

    1. I’m not into any of those detox products. Just like Dr. Yoni stated: “Detox is a make-believe term, as is the notion that our bodies aren’t able to detoxify naturally via liver, kidneys and skin. It’s important to note that there’s virtually no regulation in the supplement industry and consequently, you never really know what you’re getting.”

  39. Detoxing sometimes does not work by clearing toxins already absorbed by the body, it only works as a laxative i.e. clearing them before they are absorbed. And it is a bad idea to use laxatives frequently. The best detox I have found is the Dr. Max Powers 15 Day Cleanse. I dont do it for 15 days, I only take it for 5 days and that is enough.

    I would recommend using the Dr Max Powers 15 Day Cleanse for constipation and perhaps occasionally when you have eaten and drunk too many bad things.

  40. I bout some flat tummy tea. Its two packs. One for morning and one in the evening. It says drink the fist one with breakfast every day and the second every other night for a week and every theird night the second week.

    The evening one contains Senna, but the morning one dosnt. Is this OK? Can I just use the morning one? Or is the evening one OK as it is every second day and every third day?

  41. Senna leaves made my constipation worse after 1 week. An alternative to senna, I now use the Lady Soma Fiber Cleanse (which uses psyllium husk instead of senna) and my bowel motions much more regular.

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